How it works

We combine modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to a biological problem. The SludgeHammer®, a patented Aerobic Bacterial Generator stimulates the growth of a specialized and helpful bacteria right in your septic system. Simple and affordable, the SludgeHammer® system can be installed in any existing septic system where the SludgeHammer® Blend of micro-organisms immediately begin digesting wastes. The aggressive bacteria migrate into the septic field where they consume the biomat that clogs the soil. The digestion is so complete that the need for pumping your septic system is virtually eliminated.






Wastewater Treatment for the Modern Age
Whether it’s a single family home, bustling community, urban population or vast industrial complex, wastewater treatment is a critical problem. Current methods of managing wastewater apply engineering solutions to a biological process, resulting in large, expensive treatment plants that voraciously consume energy and require constant maintenance. In the end, standard wastewater treatment systems don’t even produce a clean product. Treatment becomes a costly time-consuming hassle. But, there is a better way; there are new solutions, and you just found them. Read more… 
Easy, Adaptable, Dependable
Septic systems are a fact of life. Over time conventional systems clog and fail, needing to be pumped, fixed or replaced. SludgeHammer offers you a new  no fuss, no hassle, cutting edge alternative to wastewater management. Our units fit in existing systems, meaning easy installation for you without the high cost of building a completely new septic system. And, our units eliminate sludge, reclaim leach fields and produce an end product perfect for drip irrigation, all while operating on about as much energy as it takes to power a common light bulb, saving you money every day. Read more…


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