Tried and Tested like No Other

Don’t be fooled by imitations.

SludgeHammer is the leading name in ABG wastwater treatment. For 20 years we have revolutionized residential, industrial and marine wastewater treatment. Our units have been installed in thousands of homes in the US and Canada, remote locations in central China and Africa, islands in the Caribbean and on ships in Europe and Asia. Therefore it is very disappointing, but no surprise that our logo and brand are illegally copied and placed on products that are not ours and used in systems we did not build or certify. These poor imitations do not provide the same technology and functionality that sets us at the head of the field.

We have built our years of success on innovative technology and attention to detail. Nothing is more important to us than making sure that our customers, and those interested in a SludgeHammer certified system, get our world class service. You deserve the same care and attention that SludgeHammer has devoted to every challenge to help meet your wastewater reclamation needs. Whether you are looking to choose an environmentally responsible way to process wastewater or proven ways to reclaim your septic system and leach fields, SludgeHammer is the best solution for success.

There are billions of kinds of bugs in the world, but only one SludgeHammer patented type that has been meticulously crafted to become the future of wastewater treatment. Remember, if it’s not SludgeHammer, it’s just another bug.

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